The basis of every production is raw material and the more complex and capital dependent the required manufacturing process is the more long-term assured the raw material supply has to be.

We have experience to set the determining actions in order to assure the recourses. This experience derives from  activities as responsible mine surveyor and manager of several production plants on sand and hard rock based on economical and geostatistic data.

in detail our consulting activity includes:


We are not scientists and do not cut the deposits into pieces on high cost but we recommend to invest just as much to ensure the company's existence based on yield and quality.


In cooperation with a mine survey office. This includes the determination or adaptation of the mining method.

overall goal: cost minimization with respect to best use of the mining deposit


Choosing the size of mobile or stationary equipment; to rent or to buy ? - all economical aspects have to be considered


Preparation of application documents; supporting application processes